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This is my Home, Nova Scotia

Beauty and diversity lingers everywhere here
on this fine land I call my home
the fishermen, the farmer, the old folk
the tides of salty mist and white sea foam.

This is home to splendid Peggy’s Cove
Nature’s Masterpiece and world’s highest tides
where the sea salt air carries troubles away
as the carefree whales frolic and play.

Down in the Valley where old fashioned reigns
grows the sweetest apple blossoms, row by row
and delicate Lady Slippers shyly hide away
peacefully where the pines and oaks grow.

The fierce winter brings spring thaw and flood
followed by warm Indian summer and golden fall nights.
The majestic covered mountains and brilliant scenic tours
where quiet rivers run and bald eagles soar.

This land tells a story of days long ago
of mastodons, underground railroad and mines of gold.
Cultural legends echo on a raw-hide drum
reminding us of the greatness from which we come.

The bagpipers don kilts of blue tartan
and fiddlers bow a Cape Breton tune
as folks sit around a crackling campfire glow
sharing true tales of shipwrecks and ghosts.

There is no place like home
for us Maritimers, or Bluenosers, if you like
where each sunrise breathes a brand new day
until the starry night sky slowly tucks her away.

They say home is where the heart is
and there is no place I would rather be
then on this beautiful weather worn land
surrounded by salt water and sunshine
as far as the eye can see.

Copyright ©2005 Margaret Rose Mauger



Mother and Child

The powerful bond began
as I slept in your dark warm womb
to the sound of your sweet voice
whispering lullabies and nursery rhymes.
You are my Mother.
I am your Child.

The unspoken connection runs deep
as I have breathed your breath,
gained life from your blood,
a lifetime of lessons, growth, and love.
You are my Mother.
I am your Child.

Your patience, understanding, and strength
has taught me the meaning of unconditional and grace,
united hand in hand through the hard times,
and together celebrating all the good.
You are my Mother.
I am your Child.

The respect and love is never-ending,
I cherish your courage, smile, and touch
forever you are part of me
in my mind, body, and soul.

Mother and Child.

Copyright ©2005 Margaret Rose Mauger




The Tartan of New Scotland

In 1953, two remarkable gals,
Mrs. Bessie Murray and Mrs. Isobel MacAulay,
weaved together tradition, color, and skill
to create a most brilliant tartan kilt.

Now known as the Tartan of Nova Scotia
it is rich in color and deep in history
as each color was carefully chosen
to signify a piece of Nova Scotia’s greatness.

Deep blue for the vast ocean
a little white for the shoreline surf
shades of green for the lush forests
lines of gold from the Royal Charter
and from the crest the Lion Rampant red.

Let this piece of tartan
remind you of the great beauty,
the heritage, the culture, and the pride
that exists in abundance
on this spectacular land
called Nova Scotia.

Copyright ©2005 Margaret Rose Mauger

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