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Real Estate Professionals

Through our parent company Hants Realty Limited we have connections with the top realtors throughout the Atlantic provinces. We offer a FREE Realtor locating service to our Hants Financial Services customers.

We do all the home work for you. That's right, we can refer you to the best realtor in your local area!

All of our referral partners are full time successful Realtors in your area. All agree to our high standards of professional service and are proven performers in your local market. We can make the arrangements and put you in touch with someone you can trust to look after your best interests.

Buying OR selling, there is no charge for this service; our Realtor partners pay us a referral and keep us informed as to the circumstances surrounding your purchase or sale. As our customers you also have access to free advice via email through the whole process.

This service is especially helpful for first-time buyers or investment property buyers. Advice backed by over 30 years of expertise in listing, selling, appraising and financing Real Estate.

Many of our customers have found this service to be one of the most helpful things we offer. Ask your Hants Financial Representative to have one of our professional Realtor referral coordinators contact you today!

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