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Commercial Mortgages

Hants Financial Services works hand in hand with a number of Commercial lenders; lenders who are eager to compete for your business. HFS has the right lender in mind for you for any project you are working on, be it a small retail shop or multiple employee factory operation.


The lenders we choose to deal with will tailor a commercial mortgage to best suit your needs, and offer a competitive rate to acquire your business.

We will look at your mortgage application and go to work locating a qualified lender to support the type of mortgage you need. Hants Financial Services staff make every effort see that your application and follow-thru run as smoothly as possible.

We are in business ourselves, and understand your concerns. More importantly you can call on us to actually answer your questions.

Use the mortgage application form (here) and be sure to include in the 'comments' information regarding the commercial property/business you are applying for a mortgage on.

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